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there are a lot of good products out there with a lot of money behind them for you to work with. but money doesn't necessarily buy meaningful relationships and experiences. 
rather than us attempting to compete with large multi-national corporations and their sales forces, it makes much more sense for us to offer meaningful education with educators who will coach you in the most important aspects of professional hairdressing and the salon business. and some of the fun stuff as well.

what are we about? we are a team of hairdressers who are very successful and we want to share our philosophies on hairdressing and thriving in the hair industry with like-minded stylists and owners.

when we aren't in salons with clients, we are teaching hairdressing or in photo studios creating beautiful, sexy imagery. There are a lot of education and product companies who seem to have lost sight of the idea that women should look sexy, confident and beautiful. our images and editorial slant is definitely based on beautiful, organic and commercial hairdressing.
we would love to spend some time in our studio helping you to achieve beautiful imagery for your salons and clients. there is something very special about being able to hang your own work in the salon for your clients to appreciate your true professionalism and passion for hairdressing. 
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if you are a salon owner or manager and would be interested in carrying product or would like more information about what we can do for you,  please contact us.
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