detox scent- apple and kiwi
citric and amino acids and chelating agents help to remove product and mineral buildup.
clean should be used once a week to refresh and revitalize your hair. It will make your hair shinier and more stylable.
*hint- everyone should do a weekly treatment with detox shampoo for 5 minutes followed by rehab treatment for 20 minutes. bath time
-available in 250ml
platinum scent- ocean breeze
this incredibly pawerful tinted cleanser neutralizes yellow, gold and warm tones in blondes, leaving hair shiny, creamy and rich in tone.
*hint- for the first use, lather and rinse. If hair didn't go too cool in tone, leave it in for a few minutes at the next use. Follow with platinum conditioner to seal, shine and protect the new shade.
-available in 250ml
fresh scent- peppermint, tea tree with subtle vanilla
a rich lather and a tingly stimulating experience on your scalp creates a deeper cleansing and invigorating shampoo.
men love this one, as well as all people with finer or thin hair or oilier scalps.
-available in 56ml, 250ml and 1000ml
tangerine dream scent- citrus fruits and vanilla
luxurious, rich, deeper cleansing shampoo packed with nutrients to cleanse and add volume and shine while still being gentle with your colour. great for all hair types.
*paraben free, sulfate free
-available in 56ml, 250ml and 1000ml
coconut cream scent- coconut with subtle vanilla
rich, thick lather and a warm sweet aroma leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.
an excellent shampoo for all hair types, coconut creme is gentle with your colour and all chemically treated hair.
-available in 56ml, 375ml and 1litre bottles
banana cream scent- banana with subtly burnt vanilla
our gentlest, most luxurious and rich shampoo is packed with nutrients and proteins to promote healthier hair and longer lasting colour. Excellent for dry, frizzy, chemically addicted hair. designed for colour treated hair to resit fading.
*sulfate/ sodium chloride/ paraben free
-available in 250ml and 1000ml
miracle scent- signature miracle aroma
for thick, coarse, hard to manage hair, miracle shampoo smooths and tames frizz while nourishing the hair with certified organic extracts from the Amazon.
-available in 250ml